Week One – Lots of reading , very sore !

Week One
First of training was pretty good. White belts , there are at least 15- 20 guys in the class. I took 2 classes with white belts ( 3 stripe and below) , and one mixed class was an open mat. All in all everyone had alot to offer. The exercising was tough, old man ( me) was a little sore after first class. But lots of sweating and learning. Great feeling to be active. Gave my body some rest towards the end of the week, have mat burn on my toes ! Hurts like crazy. Took a gi and no -gi class. I think I like the gi better .. But got my ass kicked in both ! Picked up a book from amazon, which seems to be the bible. Its really good pictures and explanation.
Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro and Kevin Howell (Paperback – Nov 17, 2008)


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