Month: March 2011

Grapplearts – Stephan Kesting videos – This guy is Awesome !

Stephan Kesting – These videos are great! , this guy does it all Grappling Techniques, iphone apps, youtube, writes books , makes DVD’s !

High Percentage Leglocks – explains in detail.

The Dynamic Half Guard – and so on!

Has a website


58 More Solo Grappling Drills in 17 Minutes! – Jason Scully

58 More Solo Grappling Drills in 17 Minutes! – Jason Scully

Another great video!!!!

Will have to start doing these to up my endurance, agility and stamina !

This guy Jason keeps banging out these videos, he is on youtube and reachable facebook. He has been having lots of free giveaways. But the videos are good enough to take away if you do not win anything! They will keep giving !