Pass my Guard , is my personal struggle and journey to regain some regime in physical fitness through martial arts program Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and fitness training. I am currently a white belt. Before I started I weighed roughly 285 pounds, I got down to 240 lbs with exercise and diet in around 9 months. I started Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help with the next 40 lbs +  .   So the journey begins, the driving force is staying alive and decreasing health risks.  Goal is to lessen or eliminate the Metabolic syndrome which is a tri fecta of symptoms that can lead to heat disease. High blood pressure, pre diabetes, high bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol. Which is addition to as if that’s not enough high uric acid, which leads to gout and other inflammatory arthritic symptoms.  So basically all doctors are telling me to move around, high aerobic and change the lifestyle.  So I am trying to exercise when I have a chance and eating 80 % vegetables with about 5-10 % meat.

So when I left the doctors office a year ago, he explained the low glycemic, low purine, low carbohydrate and low salt diets, WTF !  What does that leave me with? Vegetables ! Like Charlie Sheen said, you have to change your brain. So all of this Jamie Oliver food revolution, the biggest loser,  and Mayor Bloomberg asking for ingredients and labels on menus in addition to removal and lowering of salt content might not be all crap. When I was growing up fast food and microwave food was selling like crazy. It was faster and convenient, coupled with the televisions all over the house and do not forget the best invention since TV…. VIDEO games consoles. We had them all Atari, PlayStation, sega, nintendo.. on and on !   Turns out that all of that preservatives in food, high salt, lots of bread with low vegetables coupled with a sedentary lifestyle —- leads to obesity and Metabolic syndrome… which we all know leads to some form of death.. ( heart attack, stroke etc) ..   Go figure..

Moms, get your kids away from the TV’s and games, and get them exercising.. And watch what they are eating! Get involved in a sport and hobbies.. Get involved in what you eat and where its from!

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  1. Be careful with the cholesterol meds, they cause a host of muscle problems as a common side effect. Steve Maxwell the strength guru and bjj guy is on a high protein, high fat diet with some seasonal veggies. I understand the over 40 struggle so keep at it and don’t let aches and pains discourage you.

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