BJJ Class

training bjj for the over 40

training bjj for the over 40 –

stay away from the white belts . start on your knees – meaning do not get thrown alot. Your body takes more time top recover than these 20 year old gym rats!  concentrate on form, execution, science !  pratice with alot more cardio, the younger kids will still have more wind than you.  The pain and tears last longer and longer as you get older.  tap, tap , tap !

Sunday Beginner Gi Class -clock choke!

Sunday Beginner Gi Class – we went over the bottom guy in the turtle position, and the top guy execute a clock choke. Good class. ( neck and back jacked up ! ) Probably because I missed classes last week. Tried to make up with cardio all week, but its not the same as rolling.

clock choke – bad video but pretty much a good summary

Better video

nice variation

another variation