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BJJ Beginner Class – Sunday – Wake and roll !

Sunday class.. Sore from Saturday but made it 9:30 am for the “wake and roll” !
Today’s class – we went over how to exit from a wrist hold single and double handed. We then went into a flow drill, not sure of the name. But it was pretty cool, first flow drill in class for me. I need serious improvement on my movements.. Drill was not working out for me to well.
So instead of falling into guard right off the bat, trap a foot and use it like stacking – trapped in between your legs, pass the guard – secure collar, side mount. Try to mount by tossing your leg over, the guy on the bottom has a frame on your back, see the leg coming up and shots hips out ( this is where I lost it- shrimp or elbow knee ?) . At this point the bottom guy has back control, hooks in, rear naked choke. The guy who is being choked, pulls sleeve to release choke and puts head on mat, spins around for side mount. Drill starts over again with guy on side mount going to pass the leg over for mount.

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