BJJ Class

Sunday Beginner Gi Class -clock choke!

Sunday Beginner Gi Class – we went over the bottom guy in the turtle position, and the top guy execute a clock choke. Good class. ( neck and back jacked up ! ) Probably because I missed classes last week. Tried to make up with cardio all week, but its not the same as rolling.

clock choke – bad video but pretty much a good summary

Better video

nice variation

another variation

Tuesday Night – Beginner Gi

Great class last night Tuesday Night – Beginner Gi. Standing press against the fence, double leg take down drills then we went into rear mount drills ( rear naked choke, rear lapel choke ,  roll drills with seat-belt grip ( moving hip , roll to alternate side) , possible escapes from rear mount. . Class wrapped up with a couple of guys taking 1st stripe for white belt. There was about 14 guys just watching, me one. Wanted to see how the test would go. Will definitely take the strip test next chance.