bjj training over 40

40 is the new 50!

Wow, am I sore. Spent most of Sunday jacked up, lubed up with some muscle relaxer and watching the Roy Dean Blue Belt DVD, Feel better today. Wish I would have done this jiu jitsu thing in my teens and twenties, oh that’s right – It was not around !
Living up to 40 was “fast and the furious” did not have a worry about anything – excess everything with minimal exercise. 40 to 50 seems to be my maintenance period, this BJJ is just compounding the pain of getting older. Flexibility! (almost none), reflexes – (almost none), recover time – 2-3 days ! I used to work out when I was younger, but man is it taking longer to recover !
The journey from 40 on seems to be kicking my butt so far.. Between all of this medicine for cholesterol and blood pressure plus the exercise to try and get into shape!
Like Alonzo from the movie Training Day said ‘You wanna go home, or goto jail?’ .. There is a funny comic strip I have at my desk, Doctor talking to his patient says – ‘You want to exercise an hour a day? Or be dead 24 hrs a day?’

200 sit-ups

good link for increasing your amount of sit-ups. If you liked the 100 push-ups then the 200 sit-ups is for you!

Get your game up, I started crunching like crazy..