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BJJ Over 40

As if the trauma of not be being fit, on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and getting tossed like a pretzel in class with 2-3 day recovery needed… Now to put the icing on the cake – I am lumped into the senior category! I am not ready for AARP… ( even though my joints are killing me! )

Getting better on the recovery.. I took a week or so off, trained Sunday and by Monday afternoon kinks were coming out. Worked out a little last night at home, rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes, did some curls, and situps. Tonight will hit the beginner gi class for round two. This is shaping up to be a good week.

from the IBJJF website !


One of the highlights of this event is being able to watch famous instructors and great athletes of past generations in action on the mats. Awesome match ups take place every year, making students and fans cheer as their teachers square off in historical battles against other famous names of the Jiu-Jitsu world.

Besides these exciting fights in the black belt division, the International Masters & Seniors Championship also attracts practitioners who are over 30 years of age in every belt division. Despite the intense competition on the mats, the atmosphere surrounding the event is light and cheerful. Athletes from all over the world come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to take part in this great event that has become one of the most popular tournaments held by the IBJJF and CBJJ.


Masters (30-35)
Fight time: Blue belts – 5 minutes
Purple/brown/black belts – 6 minutes

Seniors 1 (36-40)
Fight time: all belts – 5 minutes

Seniors 2 (41-45)
Fight time: all belts – 5 minutes

Seniors 3 (46-50)
Fight time: all belts – 5 minutes

Seniors 4 (51-55)
Fight time: all belts – 5 minutes

Seniors 5 (over 55)
Fight time: all belts – 5 minutes