martial arts

The start

I am part of the tail end of generation X.. Which means I grew up on Atari, Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, Fast Food, and all of degenerative health problems that come along with not exercising for years.
I exercised in youth until college, which entailed wrestling, football, weight training, boxing, but no martial arts.
Here I am 20 years later, married with kids, working professional looking for that activity to shock my body back to a healthy state. Everyone loved the Gracie dominance in the UFC..
In the mean time , I started a basic program of running, elliptical, and stationary bike to get back into shape.  My doctor also recommended a change in diet to fight the metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high lipids, borderline diabetes) .
I chatted with some friends explored some options, maybe Aikido ? Seemed like a long time until proficiency. BJJ maybe with a muay thai ?  I checked out alot of schools, limiting factor seemed to be time of classes and of course price.   Lots of research , checked out those sherdog forums , read of schools.  , google maps, .. Do your homework! visit some schools, try a class out.. In most cases what works for some people might also work for you.   I had some crazy idea to take both aikido and bjj at the same time !  Not the best idea with recovery time needed and me being so inactive for such a long time…
So I finally I dove in and joined a BJJ school, associated with Royler Gracie. Even though Renzo has NY and NJ on lockdown. I felt this school had the best to offer for me. The class schedule could not be better !  So I am in as a white belt and the BJJ Journey begins.